What is Clash of Heroes?

Clash Hero

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Aug 4, 2017
Hello, Chiefs!

I'm writing this for all who continually ask "What is Clash Hero? "

Clash Hero (CH) is a modded unofficial server of Clash Of Clans (CoC).

They have a lot of difference but at the same time they are so similar :
Basically, they share the same game: same buildings, same league, etc.
By the way, the differences are very deep: A lot more of gems (Actually you start in CG with 777k Gems vs 500 of COC)
We Will have our new buildings and graphic (like town hall lv 11, new troops, etc)

Like I said before we are in a really Alpha test, we are inviting you to start a new adventure with us.
Our Contact Are :
Our Website
Our Forum
Facebook Page

For all question just make a topic on our forum and we will help you.
See you in the game!
Clash Hero - Team.
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