Read This Before Post A Bug Report

Clash Hero

Server Owner
Aug 4, 2017
Hello, Community!
In the latest day, we have seen a lot of new thread regarding Bugs on our server, we would thank you for reporting them but, as you may image, it's useless to report the same bug 50 times. we know the existence of it, so don't post over and over the same problem.

Below a list of the known bug, so before opening a new thread, check here if we are already aware of it.

  • #1 " Can't connect "
The Problem: When I open the app, the game stays frozen to the loading bar and appear a pop up with "Connection Error"
The solution: Sometimes the server is full and isn't able to accept a further connection. Try again in 30-60 seconds. If the pop up keeps showing it means the server is in overflow, so try again later.

  • "Village isn't saved"
The Problem: When I upgrade buildings, troops, heroes, spells and then come back to play, I found the item not upgraded as I've done.
The solution: This is mostly a server problem so there isn't a real solution. But, you can try to upgrade your item slowly, if you do like this, is more likely that the item is being saved.
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Dec 4, 2019
no one is taking this thread seriously... how sad to witness, I'm grateful for the hard work and privilege of trying Clash of Clans freely and I hope you keep this version of Clash of Clans Up-to-Date with the official one, keep it up.