Clash of Flames


Server Owner
Aug 19, 2017
Clash of Flames
Clash of Flames is a dedicated server run on google cloud and is up 24/7

What makes us unique?
We work hard every week to ensure the highest quality and stability of our server since opening our server weve fixed several bugs that still plague other servers like

  • Google play sign in popup after upgrading th
  • Buildings not saving correct level
These are just 2 of the things we have fixed and were working round the clock to ensure the highest stability possible. We take our connection and uptime very seriously which is why we went to great lengths to make sure every one has a good connection! How did we do it? We set up our main server(backend) in the dead center of the united states and set up several other servers(frontends) across the world when you connect for your first time to our server you will be assigned to the closest server to you and that will connect you to our main server this ensures that everyone can play together and maintain a good connection. In other words no annoying wifi bar popup :)

Whats on your server?
Our server has a great startup with the following

  • 150m Starting Gold
  • 150m Starting Elixier
  • 200k Dark Elixier
  • 750k Gems
  • Custom Heroes and Mods!!
Other Server Specs
Our server is run on a dedicated platform with the following

  • 10gb bandwidth
  • 2vCPU core
  • Solid State Drive

More Information
You can get more information,access to forums, and download the server on our website