Server Owner
Aug 5, 2017
NPC Number 51
Clash of Dreams is a CoC Private Server created last 8th May 2016

Since this date we have provided the best mods reaching millions of players around the world.
We are different because we launch special updates with incredible new mods in Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day...

Some of our more important mods were:

>Skeleton Spirit (Halloween 2016 v2.2)

Incredible new troop which transform your troops and cant be attacked by any defense.

>The Night Cauldron (Halloween 2016 v2.2)

A new trap which generate witches which generate skeletons which generates...what is it?

>The Goblin Hut (X-Mas 2016 v3.0)

The new building is like 1000 superbombs, nobody can be safe!

What are you waiting for download and play? Visit our website now: https://clashofdreams.wixsite.com/server

We run a Windows Server 2016 and Clash of Dreams is available 24/7
Thanks to the ultrapowa.com software!
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