Clash of Dreams - X-Mas Update!


Server Owner
Aug 5, 2017
NPC Number 51
First of all, Merry X-Mas for everybody, now...

...Welcome to Clash of Dreams v4.4!

We have been working on this update for a lot of time, and here you have all the new content:

1. The Ice Wizard House

With this new temporary defense, we introduce a double ice wizard, the new ice wizard in his new tree-house and the normal ice wizard defending next to the tree.

2. The X-Mas's Firecracker

This incredible new defense doesnt like the guest, we wont show here the incredible attack effect, just check it by yourself.

3. The Gold Tree

A tree full of gold, incredible, but more incredible is which happens after his appearance...

4. Santa Trap, Santa Spell, Ice Wizard in attack, Ice Trap and Special Army Event

The typical for this month, Santa everywhere, ice wizards and a temporary event with 36.000 slots in the army camps!

Download from our official website:

Post below any bug, idea or feedback!