1. Yaguilarro00

    Clash of Dreams v6.2 x-mas Update!

    Hello everyone! Today we introduce the X-Mas Update on Clash of Dreams. Here you have a list of some new mods (more in coming for this holidays;)): -> Dragon cave: -> ???: -> New Troops and New Spells: For more new mods download the server! Download from the website...
  2. Redvil


    RedvilClashCoc is a Coc Private Server.Created September 23 2017. About Server • We started our journey in September 23 2017 as I told above. • Our Server was first hosted with Alibaba Cloud but it's changed to a good company than this. • We will release mods every week or even everyday if I am...
  3. V

    New Cards and quests

    Please try to add quests to your server and please add modded cards and try to add heroes such a barbarian king, archer queen and also battle machine if possible.. grand warden would be kind of useless
  4. ClashOfBuggs

    ClashOfBugs - Classic

    Good Day guys, ClashOfBugs is online with a new Server! ClashOfBugs | Classic built on 8.7.x (Server 2 is now Online!) It comes with NO custom mods, to get a gaming Experience like in the Official Clash of Clans Game. The server has been customized to avoid crashes and bugs. Download...