master royale

  1. M


    Continue at 50% and says update, latest version please help
  2. F


    When will be added new cards [Heal Spirit (Heal Rework), Firecracker, Royal Delivery)?
  3. B

    ¿Como puedo instalar Master Royale en ios sin jailbreack?

    Hola quiero jugar Master pero no puedo instalarlo, tengo ios 12.4.4 y no tengo jailbreack y no se como poder instalar la app por que descargue el archivo pero esta en apk
  4. X

    Impossibilité de rentrer dans le Jeu .

    J'installe Master Royal , je lance jusqu'ici aucun problème et d'un coup le jeu me met dans les actu du jour et je ne peux pas en sortir pouvais vous m'aider ?
  5. K

    It does not work

    When I turn on the game, it always cuts to 50% of the count. I tried all the servers. I always play there for 2 hours after it kicks and I can not join.
  6. S

    Hi Master royale. i have a question

    Will you ever add IPA file for Master royale? (not rude) bc i want to play on IOS device i don't have Android Phone, and even my PC can't handle Bluestacks so i need IPA File pls add it asap Regards, Matt
  7. Andres ñañez

    I got a problem

    Yesterday I was playing master royale with a friend and we were playing together in my house and we were playing 1v1 in our clan (mega knight) and then. The server didn't load just one cell phone load and my cell phone didn't load now today master royale doesn't load what can I...
  8. Andres ñañez

    The new touchdown

    I have a question are you going to put touchdown in your server ?because that would be awesome
  9. Master Royale

    Update 1.2

    Hello, Kings! We just released a new update on Master Royale! Changelogs: Added Friendly Challange Added Draft Challange Added Live Battles Added New Commands, Type "/help" in chat to see all commands available.
  10. Master Royale

    PVP and 2 vs 2

    Hello! We want give to you a little sneak peek about the upcoming Master Royale's Feature: Commands in game to max all the cards / gold / gems PVP : 2 vs 2 :