clash of clans

  1. Connorcaunt

    Update issues on 31/8/2018

    I open my clash of clans app and it asks to update so I go to plexixclash website where it says news and updates and I scroll and try server 1 , 2 and 3 on iOS to download and it dose but then I open the app and it still asks to update ? Any help thanks
  2. G

    Server Error

    Hello, without wasting time I will start with the problem- When I activate shield of any day(s), I see the error message popped up saying "Client and server are out of sync". Can anyone please help me. I want to fix this. Thanks
  3. Stavros

    PlenixClash | Latest 9.105.11 | Clash-JS

    Hello, I'll be introducing to you PlenixClash. PlenixClash is powered by Clash-js, the best Private Server Clash of Clans software. We have many mods into the server, including, New Kings, Unlimited Troops, New Buildings, even Builder Hall buildings into the normal Village as well as Builder...
  4. ClashOfBuggs

    ClashOfBugs - Classic

    Good Day guys, ClashOfBugs is online with a new Server! ClashOfBugs | Classic built on 8.7.x (Server 2 is now Online!) It comes with NO custom mods, to get a gaming Experience like in the Official Clash of Clans Game. The server has been customized to avoid crashes and bugs. Download...
  5. ClashOfBuggs

    [New] ClashOfBuggs

    Hello, About Us Clash Of Buggs was created as one of the first Clash Of Clans Servers Worldwide. We reached a User Database of around 6000 Players. After a new Version of Clash of Clans has been released, the Server-Team closed the Server, because it wasn't useable. Now ClashOfBuggs is back...