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  1. HerobrineGamesYT

    How could i update 11/03/20

    Clear your browser cache and try again. Alternatively, you can visit via incognito mode.
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    Yes, these will be added soon in our next update.
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    Clash Hero Update - 8/28/20

    Hello Clashers! We've just released a client update on Clash Hero to improve the stability and solve some installation issues. To update, you just need to download the game APK again from our website
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    Battle and party

    Hello, there have been game updates since you posted this, are you still having this issue?
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    Maintenance Break try again

    Make sure you are playing on WiFi and try again.
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    How to download for IOS iPhone XR

    Hello, currently Master Royale is not available on iOS.
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    Touchdown Update - Previews and Sneak Peeks

    Friday is back again, that means time for previews of next week's update! Next week, we are going to be adding the Touchdown Draft game mode in the events tab! This is going to replace the Mirror Challenge-- in which we've noticed that you may get a blank card in your deck sometimes there...
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    Colors Update - Previews and Sneak Peeks

    Kings! It's time to spill the beans on our next update. As you may have noticed in the post on the previous game update, our names are now colorful! We are going to add the ability to colorize your name with the /rainbow command, unlocked with Pass Royale! How do you unlock Pass Royale on our...
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    Servers are down

    Glad that your issue is now fixed :)
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    Can't Download Content

    We had an update since this thread was made, are you still having this issue?
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    Please fix this!!!

    As I've said in your other threads, a fix is set to be released for this issue next major update
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    Game can't played anymore

    Hi, simply click "Update" on the popup that is given you and then go through our website to download the update following the same steps as you have done to download the apk for the first time. Clicking "Update" will take you to our website, which is
  13. HerobrineGamesYT

    Please fix this

    We have a fix for this which is set to be launched in our next major update which will also have Clash Royale version 2.8!
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    Where do you save it??

    Currently, it's not working on iOS. Currently, we're working hard on the other features that we have in-progress, and we hope to support iOS sometime in the near future.
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    master royale is just like the official game

    There's been a few updates since this thread was made. Are you still having this problem?
  16. HerobrineGamesYT

    Master Royale getting up to 50%, then updating and restarting endlessly

    We found the cause of this issue, and we were able to fix it. The fix will come with the next major game update, also bringing version 2.8.
  17. HerobrineGamesYT

    How do I play with unlimited elixir in the YouTube video u clearly see that u are playing a game with unlimited elixir

    Hi, the video you probably watched is old, and we had since removed that feature. However, we are currently trying to get a way to bring it back in without affecting overall gameplay! :)
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    Servers are down

    I have linked the owner of PlenixClash your thread, he should get back to you soon. Thanks for your patience.
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    Master Royale 2.8 Update - Previews and Sneak Peeks

    Hey Kings! It's been a good while since we've given you any news about what's going on behind the scenes, and we thought this would be a great time to share with you some upcoming features! Coming Soon: - CR Version 2.8. - The new Fisherman Card. - New Game-modes: Fisherman's Catch 1v1 & Wild...
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    Dummy attacks

    You can take any troops you train from the barracks for attack practice! :D However, siege machines do not work. __________ HerobrineGamesYT Game Moderator of Lights Servers/ Nefiro Studio