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  1. Gioele
    Ciao sono Gioele e ho 14 anni
  2. AshikkisYiannis11
  3. Giovanni
  4. Pompeyo
  5. ceazer
    Can you help me, i need help updating my hacked clash of clans when i try to download plenixclash it shows up on my iPad but then disappears after a second. Please help
  6. Yaguilarro00
  7. محمد عباسي
    1. محمد عباسي
      محمد عباسي Oct 14, 2018
      كيف نحدث كلاش مهكره
  8. Got099
  9. Yaguilarro00
    Update in coming? #ClashOfDreams
  10. Faisal
    Add Me ( snap ) : F07-1
  11. HerobrineGamesYT
    A Moderator for Lights Servers.
  12. Legendary Royale
    Legendary Royale is one of the best Clash Royale Private Server. New created and edited cards by the users ideas! Get the APK now!
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  13. Efkan
    Bu oyunda hile kullaniyolar yabancilar oynamasa guzel olcak
  14. Bobby Gamer
    I know perfectly about your game and I loved it so much.if server is full we need to try back later and all servers are good.Coming to the important point.
    I want to advertise Master Royal on YouTube and support as much as I can.
    I want to know your reply as soon as possible. I am loyal. I am skilled at Youtube.
  15. surajlama
    clash herro